Whirlwind Change

Hello everyone!

I am back with another life update! The world seems to be changing faster than ever before and my own life seems to be no exception.

After I posted my last personal post about my chaotic adventures moving back to Colorado, I had no clue the other changes which were about to happen.

To begin, after arriving in Colorado I made it a personal goal to stay self-quarantined for two weeks without going anywhere or seeing anyone. The purpose behind this was twofold, the most pressing was that Colorado was asking anyone who had entered in from another state to self-quarantine for that amount of time. The second and more personally important to me reason, was so that when the two weeks were up, I could job hunt again and inform the places I was applying at that I had been secluded for two weeks.

So for two whole weeks, I did not leave my house. I wish I could say I was incredibly productive and got a ton of writing done, but mostly I just played video games.

Although, at the end of the two weeks I did end up creating my very own author page on Facebook! If you have not seen it yet, you can go to the link: https://www.facebook.com/PonderingAuthor/

But the biggest change happened when I began to apply for jobs again. Friday, April 9th, the very last day of my quarantine, I applied for a few different places to work again. All of them retail, and I realized, probably all of them as temp jobs.

I figured a temp job was better than no job at all, so I sent in my resume and filled out online paperwork. That evening I figured it would be a while before I heard anything back from the places I applied for and settled myself in for another few weeks of self-isolation while I hunted for a job.

To my surprise, the very next day I received a phone call from a very excited Walmart associate who remembered who I was from when I worked at Walmart five years ago.

Within an hour, I had not only been offered a full-time job but had accepted and been given my first day of employment, Monday the 12th.

After all the emails and phone calls that day were done, I sat in my room thinking about how drastically my life had changed again so quickly. I have begun to realize that sometimes change seems to drag on in slow tiny changes happening so slowly that you don’t notice it until years later, or other times it can race by in under an hour leaving you in the dust wondering what just happened.

I am not sure which form of change I prefer, but I do know that whirlwind change has been many people’s lives, including mine for a while now. What I do know though is that God works through change no matter how slow or sudden it happens. He knew that my heart and mind were depressed and broken in Idaho, and figured out a way to bring me home and back to a job I know and love working.

While I know the world around all of us is changing so rapidly it can be quite terrifying, I wanted to remind everyone that we have a God who never changes. He is a constant we can always rely on no matter what, even when the world around us falls apart.

Overall, this last week I have been settling into my new job and schedule which requires me to be at work by 4 AM. Because of this change, my writing schedule has gone out the window and I am working on finding time to sit down and write again. Soon though I should have some new stories to post and maybe even some new life updates. 🙂

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